Developing Foreign an open world, story game.

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My name is Ilan Manor, I am a Unity game developer and a 3d artist. 

I had a long career making commercials for TV as a 2d and 3d animator and animation director. In the last few years, I dedicated myself to develop this game as a starting point for my game development studio, specializing in story-games.

What is special about the game in terms of the non-linear structure of the story and the way it is presented?

The story in this game is built from a sequence that can split in different directions. Within each story, there are other plot splits. And beyond that, each stage of the story can be finished by using different methods. Force can be used or trickery or emotional manipulation.

Another special thing about the game is that each character is an actor in several stories, the characters alternate between different stories that each have a different role. They can also decide to deviate from the story and choosing a specific behavior that suits that moment.

The characters ’emotional system works in every situation and so their behavior can change a bit despite their role in the story. Especially in the facial and body expressions. If you treat them well they can smile in a sad story. And if you make them angry, they can get angry with a happy story.

Why did I choose to focus on story-based computer games rather than action?

Personally, stories have always been very interesting to me in movies and books and not just games. And I wanted to bring this content to the game interactively and interestingly that will be part of the game and not a pre-made cut-scene that you can skip.

In general, there is a trend that is moving away from interactive stories in games and relationships in general. This is because of the complexity of developing artificial intelligence that can speak in the game, another reason may be the popularity of action games and fighting over relationship and character story.

In my opinion, players will love storytelling with relationships provided the game can contain that complexity. And that’s what I’m trying to do. A storytelling game with characters who can respond reasonably humanly depending on the situation. This game is the first stage in the development of such capabilities.