Story video game, where relationship matters.

The game is released for Android and soon will be released for PC

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Third-person, 3d open-world, RPG – PC trailer

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You play as a young man, in pursuit of Shelly, his lost girlfriend. Your journey will bring you to Smoky – Stone a small town in the desert. Will you be able to find Shelly in the dangers of the desert, persuade the town people to help you, and deal with groups of escaped convicts? Your decisions will lead you to an ending that reflects your choices. But what will it be? Play and find out!


Stories & relations

Every person you meet in the game has its own personality and story. while talking to the locals they might ask you for help and start a new story. 
each action changes your relationship with them. when you behave more friendly with them, they become friends, and vice-versa.

Gun vs Guitar

If you choose a friendly approach you can use gifts or play the guitar to affect relations with you. 
if you choose an aggressive attitude. The characters will become enemies and will fight against you. 
at any time you can change your attitude and make friends with them again. but story outcomes will not change.

Branching Dialogue

The game is changed mainly through dialogue. while a story is running, persons will talk specifically on that topic. in routine, they will talk about their work or about starting a new story. all dialogues are branching with multiple choices and changing the game with no cut-scenes, you can choose to talk to anyone at any time.

About Me

Foreign is a relationship & story-driven RPG.

My name is Ilan Manor, an animator, and game developer.

This game is in development since 2016 and features a story with multiple-choice options, branching dialogues and the freedom to explore an open-world.

As a general goal, I try to create a storytelling experience that matches a book or a movie with open-world gameplay. 

Interaction with NPC’s has a relationship mechanism measuring every action of the player while in dialogue or inaction.

The game was originally made for Android and later on adapted to PC.