Hell On Wheels – Movie

Two friends, Moti & Nina, struggle to expose a factory manager who pollutes the town’s river with toxic waste. A 35 minutes animated movie sponsored by The Second Authority for Television and Radio in Israel.

Audio – Hebrew with English subtitles

Director, scriptwriter, and chief animator – Ilan manor. 
Creative director and producer – Rotem Mordish.
Animators – Keren Mishael, Gilad Bachar, Mati Marianski, Aviv Razin.
Voice actors – Keren Ron, Ami Smolarchik, Kobi Livne, Pazit Yaron Minkovski.
Soundtrack – Danny Aharonson, Erez Einy.
Song production – Ilan manor, Danny Aharonson, Keren Ron, Dodush Kalmas, Avi Singolda.
Produced by – Tut Banana ltd.